odoo CRM-Verkauf

CRM odoo Version 11


00:00:45 Agenda

00:01:52 Difference between lead and opportunity: lead = potential customer, opportunity = first contact based on an interest, generating leads with blog posts, web forms, mass mails, marketing automation, livechat,events and more

00:03:55 demo database and website for beer company, create new page within a contact form, activate link tracker for analysing return from marketing campaigns

00:10:46 Summary

00:11:03 mass mail campaign, replay to mass mail generates a lead from everyone who relayed the mail

00:12:22 use marteting automation, activity and child activities, first step answer with a e-mail and second step (child activity), create a lead from persons only who clicked on the mail-link, create a server action, create a lead

00:14:44 create a lead from e allready existing contact: odoo creates first a lead which can be changed to an opportunity and then mergin with a existing oportunity/contact

00:16:16 livechat, create lead and oportunity from the livechat

00:17:45 create leads from events on the website

00:18:17 qualify and score leads in odoo, crm settings, configuration, different sales teams with different lead scores/score levels, lead management, set score rules for leads such as: fully filled contact form, specific countries, cities or different topics, define which sales employee in a sales team will receive the lead, for instance based on the language of the lead

00:21:35 scheduled process in odoo to score the leads automatically, convert lead into a oportunity manually, pipeline with oportunities with different stages, new, edit and change stages, setting priority and tags on oportunities, assign to a sales person, reassign per drag and drop

00:27:22 chatter on oportunities, e-mail integration: send a e-mail from the crm chatter to a prospect that answer the e-mail, the answer comes into the inbox and is automatically attached at the oportunity it was sent from

00:30:00 schedule an activity on an oportunity, pipeline with today and future activities, use the activities functionality in the chatter (in each module which has a chatter) and controll all activities with the top button in the top bar

00:32:43 summary odoo crm, all crm topics an functions
00:33:17 filtering all crm data, find todays activities, late activities, forecast of oportunities, filter by closing date and sales person, crm reporting

00:36:21 integration of calendar in crm chatter and synchronize with google calendar

00:37:10 integration of odoo sales in crm, send a qoute directly from oportunity

00:38:25 crm kpi‘s: activities reporting, go to crm reporting, activities, graph view or pivot table, group or select filter, convetion rate by person, number of new customers

odoo CRM verkauf

Video-Inhalte nach Position in Minuten/Sekunden:

01.00 verschiedene Verkaufsteams mit je einem Mail-Alias

02.00 Pipeline mit Stages / Stufen

04.10 E-Mail Alias, senden einer Nachricht auf Chance/Aktion in Pipeline

05.15 Chatter / Verlauf mit Notitzen, Logs, Nachrichten

06.00 Tags mit verschiedenen Farben

06.15 Meeting auf Chance/Action

06.30 Synchronisation mit Google Account

07.30 Kontakte: nur E-Mail Adresse bis hin zum Kunden mit vollständiger Adresse

08.45 Kundenprofil, Unternehmen-Kontakt Struktur

09.15 Preislisten auf Kunde

09.30 Angebot erstellen, Angebotsvorlagen, Versandmethode und Logistikpartner

10.30 senden per E-Mail mit E-Mail Vorlage

12.45 online Angebot auf Website Formular

14.00 Bestellung online mit digitaler Unterschrift

15.00 Backend Bestellung / Verkaufsauftrag

16.00 Sales Reporting / Statistiken Verkauf



Verkaufsmanagement und CRM mit Leads, Chancen und Aktionen

01.00 Sales Team Konfiguration

03.00 Leads und Stufen, Kanban Ansicht

03.50 Leads, Chatter, Verlauf, E-Mail an Kunde auf Verlauf mit Anhang

05.00 Versand E-Mail mit Verlauf

07.00 Lead - Kunde - Angebot

07.40 Kunde erstellen

09.30 Angebot

10.40 Angebotsvorlagen

11.00 Logistikpartner DHL, Fedex etc Kosten

11.30 Angebot senden per E-Mail

12.30 Angebot per E-Mail senden, online beziehen über Web pblizieren

14.00 online bestellen mit digitaler Unterschrift

16.00 Auswertungen und Statistiken mit Filtern




Verkaufsteams anlegen in odoo V9

0:00:10 Login, Verkauf, neues Verkaufsteam anlegen

0:00:45 Teamleiter, Mail-Alias (Absender von E-Mails), Team-Mitglieder

0:01:15 CRM Pipeline, Chance, Anfrage, Verkäufer, Verkaufsteam angeben